The last word in static site generator for me
2022-10-19: This article describes the how and why I think that my current solution for generating my website will fulfill all my needs
How to backup your vinyl records on OpenBSD
2022-04-17: This article describes how to use OpenBSD tools to backup a vinyl record
External USB Speakerphone on OpenBSD
2021-12-15: This article describes some tests I did with a speakerphone under OpenBSD. I got it working with some restrictions.
Convert Directory of EPUB Files to OPDS
2021-08-02: Try hard to solve a problem with existing solutions before yougo ahead and write another one (problem or solution you choose).
Provision jupyter Lab
2020-09-20: Walkthrough on how to setup a jupyter instance for lectures
Git on FreeBSD
2020-04-28: This article describes how to setup a git server on freebsd without authentification for private use
Go App on Kindle
2020-04-15: Short hands-on to get an golang application on kindle
Calibre on FreeBSD
2020-04-13: This article describes the installation of a calibre-based ebook server via ansible on a RaspberryPi running FreeBSD
The Blog manifest
2019-12-12: Philosophical question about the why another blog