Create. Break. Repeat.

Hi! my name is Daniel, one of Generation Y. I'm currently living and working in Ulm, Germany. I have one of these classical backgrounds with computers from the early childhood. My passion and interest in these topics also got me a PhD in operating systems some time back.

On this website I try to collect all that nifty things and thoughts that come along with my job as software architect, associate lecturer and computer enthusiast. The following list of topics includes but is not limited to:

These topics can be found on my blog, are addressed in my lectures, or are demonstrated in one of my side projects. If you want to get in contact with me, I do have a Linkedin profile, a Mastodon account, and an E-mail address.

Latest activities


The last word in static site generator for me
2022-10-19: This article describes the how and why I think that my current solution for generating my website will fulfill all my needs


Operating Systems
Business informatics, lecture, winter term 2020/21, 2021/22